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NAVIGATE is an enterprise-level technology that links administrators, advisors, deans, faculty, staff and students in a coordinated care network designed to proactively manage student success. In 2014, VCU implemented SSC Campus for undergraduate student advising, and since then has steadily expanded utilization of the platform to additional campus partners engaged in student success, like the Writing Center, VCU Career Services, the Transfer Center and Student-Athlete Support Services. Graduate students were added into the platform in fall 2018.

Faculty and staff use Navigate to create a connected and coordinated network of student support.
Advisors, faculty and staff now have a holistic look at individual student progress towards graduation through the consolidation of early alerts, midterm grade reporting, cross-university case referrals and student interaction records like advising notes into one system. Users also have access to detailed searches and reporting in order to create reach-out campaigns to deliver targeted services to specific populations of students at the most appropriate times.

Campus Leaders can unlock the power of Navigate's data analytics dashboards to inform decision making in support of student success.
Schools and departments can track key academic performance and progress indicators to identify intervention opportunities and assess the impact of those interventions. The predictive analytic model is based upon ten years of VCU student performance data, which also provides the ability to view historical trends.

Accessing NAVIGATE

Log into NAVIGATE ยป

Academic Advisors gain access to /NAVIGATE upon receipt of Advisor level access to Banner/eServices. For information on how to request Advisor level access to Banner/eServices, please consult the Advising Director, Associate Dean, or appropriate supervisor for your unit.

Faculty gain access to NAVIGATE upon receipt of Faculty level access to Banner/eServices. Faculty may view their class rosters and submit progress reports on students in the platform. Faculty do not have access to view student advising information in SSC Campus, unless they are also granted Advisor level access to Banner/eServices.

Questions regarding access to Navigate for other roles on campus should be directed to

Please fill out this online form to add or edit location information in the platform.

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